Blood Plasma Research Company

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Large Blood Plasma Research Company Uses Elemental Machines for Peace of Mind During The COVID-19 Pandemic 

This company needed a lab monitoring system that would be reliable AND consistent, especially during a time with fewer people in the lab.


A large, quickly growing blood plasma research company was having issues with their monitoring system. One of the primary issues concerned system connectivity. The company had wired sensors, so any risk of a power outage meant complete loss of their monitoring system.

Furthermore, the company also had difficulty integrating their monitoring hardware with their lab management software. They needed a lab monitoring solution that would be more reliable and consistent.



The research company partnered with Elemental Machines for lab monitoring. Elemental Machines’ battery-powered sensors provided a safe, reliable system, one that stays online even when the power goes down. The sensors also operate on low-frequency Bluetooth, so there’s minimal signal disruption.

Elemental Machines also provides an application programming interface (API), so the monitoring data from Elemental Insights integrates seamlessly with their laboratory information management system (LIMS) software.



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