Essco Calibration Laboratory

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Calibration Laboratory Uses Elemental Machines to Save Time and Ensure Accurate Data Collection.

This ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory uses Elemental Machines' lab monitoring software to track the lab’s temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, in real time.


Essco Labs ensures its customers that test and measurement instrumentation meet the manufacturers’ specifications. Being able to make accurate measurements requires that technicians constantly monitor and record the ambient temperature, humidity, and pressure conditions of the laboratory. This proved to be a tedious manual process.

“Every time a technician performed a calibration on an instrument, he or she would need to walk over to one of the many environmental monitors placed throughout the lab, look at the current temperature, look at the current humidity, and record it,” said Jarrett Cameron, an account executive at Essco Calibration Laboratory. “That was super time consuming for us.” Furthermore, Essco’s Quality Control Department would manually collect and download the data of the ambient lab conditions on a weekly basis.

Essco needed an automated lab monitoring solution that allowed the technicians and Quality Control Department to track temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in real time.


Now that Essco Calibration Laboratory partnered with Elemental Machines for their lab monitoring software, the lab is able to constantly monitor the temperature, humidity, and even the barometric pressure in the lab, in real time.

In addition to the convenience of live monitoring, Essco’s technicians benefit from the time savings. Jarrett  estimated the technicians previously had to check the temperature and humidity readings 15 to 20 times per day. With Elemental Machines, those checks are automatic, resulting in time saved and interruptions avoided.

The Lab Management and Quality Control Departments are also able to save time and avoid inaccurate calibration thanks to automated alerts.



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