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Monitoring of cold storage

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AOBiome Uses Elemental Machines for Remote Monitoring and Alerting

This Cambridge-based microbiome company uses Elemental Machines to monitor cold storage equipment in their new facility.


AdobeStock_40401556 (1)Dan Brownell, Director of Research and Development at AOBiome, originally joined the company in 2018 as part of the team that was tasked with outfitting an internal laboratory. They wanted to leverage WiFi-enabled sensors for monitoring temperatures in their fridges and freezers as well as the environmental factors in their incubators and lab spaces. Dan suggested working with Elemental Machines, based on experience working with them at his previous company, but they still did their due diligence and collected quotes from three competitors to get the best possible solution.



After assessing all of their options, AOBiome chose Elemental Machines as the best choice for their new lab. AOBiome installed Elemental Machines’ Element-T sensors in all of their fridges and freezers to track temperatures. They also installed Element-A sensors in their incubators and each of their lab spaces to track temperature, humidity, light, and pressure. “We went with Elemental Machines because I liked their interface, I trusted the products, and the price was attractive,” said Dan. Their monitors are connected to Slack, facilitating the quickest possible notification and response times during work hours. For after hour emergency alerts, Dan also receives notifications on his cell phone. “With Elemental Machines, I just have the peace of mind that everything is running the way that it should,” Dan said.


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