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Inzen Therapeutics values simplicity, reliability and cost of platform

This Cambridge-based cellular turnover company uses Elemental Machines to monitor cold storage and incubator equipment in their new facility.


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When Jon Sheats became Inzen Therapeutics’ Laboratory Manager, he knew exactly what he wanted in terms of a laboratory monitoring system. This clarity arose from his past struggles with a system that was expensive and unreliable.

Jon’s previous company used a Thermo Fisher system for laboratory monitoring in addition to a private company for their alarms. This system proved costly to install and maintain. The company was required to buy all of the equipment and was responsible for any maintenance costs and replacement parts. Jon estimates that between purchase, installation, and maintenance, his previous company spent between $95,000 and $115,000. “It should never cost us that much to monitor our equipment,” Jon said.

Another problem the company faced was recurring system outages. “The Thermo Fisher system was WiFi-generated but did not work directly with the WiFi. We had to buy separate modules to place throughout the lab to pick up the signal,” said Jon. “The signal was bad, and my modules regularly dropped off the network, so I would randomly get alerts at 2 AM on my phone. I would have to log into a computer and reset the modules before going back to bed.”

In contrast, Inzen Therapeutics didn’t have any system or alarms in place. This allowed Jon the freedom to seek a laboratory monitoring solution that was more reliable and less costly than the one he’d experienced. That solution turned out to be Elemental Machines.



When Inzen Therapeutics partnered with Elemental Machines for laboratory monitoring, Elemental Machines provided an immediate cost-effective solution: Inzen could subscribe to the Elemental Machines platform, which includes full service and support, rather than buying hardware at full price.

Furthermore, Elemental Machines reliably provides ongoing maintenance with quick response times. There’s also never any false alarms, which saves money and time.

“I chose to work with Elemental Machines because they are responsible for the equipment and they respond within 24 hours for any problem, at no cost to me,” said Jon. “If I have a problem right now, and tomorrow is Tuesday, they’re going to be in some point on Tuesday to either replace or troubleshoot the problem.”


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